Health Plus Syrup

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Benefits of Health Plus Syrup

  • Boosts  immunity to fight against viral infections
  • improves overall health conditions
  • Benefits physical growth
  • Works as a natural body growth booster
  • 100% natural product
  • Zero side effects
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Cipzer Health Plus Syrup is one of the best Herbal Immunity Booster in the market to improve  health, body growth and strengthen immune system. There are millions of people around the world suffering from  growth related problems, health issues and weak immune system that work as a barrier to their overall growth. This health tonic has immense advantages over other products that are  already  being sold since long in the market for the same cause. It increases  metabolism rate that is responsible for your overall growth and eliminates other health issues that diminish your  health. It also works as an immunity booster that is our body best defense against external viral infections. Natural Health Plus Syrup is made in India state of the art lab by the top health professionals after the years of research and experiments. It is a pure natural product made of rare herbs and natural ingredients. No chemical or any other harmful ingredients included.

The Need of Cipzer Health Plus Syrup

There is a large chunk of people in India whose body growth and overall health is not up to the mark. Tens of thousands  have access to better nutrients and diets that are essential for proper growth.  we made Cipzer Health Plus Syrup to meet the needs of people having health issues and improper physical growth to improve their overall health and body growth. This health tonic works as a natural  growth booster and helps to have good health and at the same time helps you fight with the diseases.


1/2 spoonful twice a day, directed by the physician.

Quantity & Packaging

The quantity of Cipzer Health Plus Syrup is 500ml packaged in a cylindrical shape bottle.

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500 Ml, 200Ml

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 140.00 320.00

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