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Sharbat-e-Deenar is useful in hepatitis, and enlargement of liver, dropsy and pleurisy. Removes constipation and encreases is effective in hepatiitis, hepatic pain.beneficial in colic,constipation, dropsy, dysuria, hepatitis, hepatomegaloi and pleurisy.

Dosage: To be given 20 to 40 ml with Water.

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Cipzer Sharbat-E-Deenar is a herbal Unani medicine. It addresses the issues related to liver such as hepatitis, enlargement of. It has diuretic properties and is useful in conditions like scant urination. Sharbat or Syrup means the sweet syrup compound, prepared from decoction, infusion, and water extract of either dry fruits or herbs or seeds etc. In Sharbat Deenar the chief ingredient is Deenar or Cuscuta reflexa seed. In Greek Tukhm Kasoos seeds of Cuscuta reflexa is called Deenar.

Indications of Cipzer Sharbat-E-Deenar

  • Liver diseases, Hepatitis, enlargement of liver.

Dosage: To be given 20 to 40 ml with Water.


Post-e-Bekh-e-Kasni, Tukhm-e-Kasoos, Tukhm-e-Kasn, Ghuncha-e-Gul-e-Surkh, Rewand Chini, Gul-e-Nilofar, Gaozaban, Aab, Qand Safaid


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