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Before we start telling you about ourselves, our vision and our mission, we would like you to know the basic of what Unani medicine is all about. Traditional medical systems are easily accessible, cheaper and relatively safer than other conventional medicines. Hence, the search for alternative products continues. Natural phytochemicals derived from plants are used in traditional medicine and are considered as good alternatives to synthetic  chemicals. Unani system of medicine is a great healing art as well as science. It treats a person as a whole not as a group of individual parts. It aims to improve one’s mind, soul and body.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized the Unani System of Medicine (USM) as an alternative system to cater the health care needs of human population.

Unani is one of the most well-known traditional medicine systems and draws on the ancient traditional systems of medicine and cure from China, Egypt, India, Iraq, Persia and Syria.

At Cipzer, we are a team of experienced professionals working in this field from past 6 to 7 decades. We work with our utmost expertise and knowledge and we aim to serve our customers the best. We strive to develop innovative and natural product solutions for the masses based on the Unani System of Medicine.

Our vision  at Cipzer is to imply global wellness through selfless care, innovation and growth guided by our whole hearted commitment to significantly improve the lives of patients. We have a wide range basic Unani medicines and apart from this we have a wide range of products which aim at sexual wellness of people. Not only this, we also manufacture other FSSAI approved food items like organic juices ( Aloe-Vera Juice, Karela Juice, Tri phla Juice etc.) and other single herb capsules (Ginger capsules, Garlic capsules etc.)

We tend to help people with the resources available to us, improved by our knowledge and made recisely with the expertise of our learned and experienced personnel.


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