Sharbat Abresham Sada


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SHARBAT ABRESHAM SADA useful in gives strength to the vital organ of the body, such as heart, brain,etc.

Dosage: 20-25ml to be taken with 125 ml of water


Sharbat Abresham Sada is a very unique Unani preparation for heart and brain. Sharbat Abresham Sada is a compound formulation containing Abresham or coccon of insect Bombax mori as an chief ingredients. It is a surup preparation, which is particularly used as cerebral and cardiac tonic. It reduces stress and anxiety. It improves and maintains eyesight. This is the invention of Indian Hakim. It was not used in Arabic and Persian period. It is scented and tasty preparation.

Indications of Sharbat Abresham Sada

Heart tonic and brain tonic


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200ml, 500ml

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