Sharbat-e-toot siyah

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Sharbat-e-Toot Siyah is an effective and time-tested herbal remedy provides prompt relief in chest congestion, effective for inflammation and pain in throat and improved the pitch of voice.

Dosage : 20- 40ml. to be taken with water and take once in a day.

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It is useful for relieving the soreness and irritation of the throat. Also effectively used for the enlarged glands of throat and hoarseness of voice. It is also an effective cure for the soreness, inflammation, and irritation of the throat and tonsillitis.

Indications of Sharbat Toot Siah: Cough, granular pharyngitis, hoarseness of voice, laryngitis, sore throat and tonsillitis.

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Sharbat-e-Toot Siyah 500ml

Sharbat-e-toot siyah

 84.00 180.00

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